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Nissan Leaf


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A car powered by 100% electricity. A car that uses no fuel and produces zero CO2 tailpipe emissions. In fact, zero emissions of any kind whatsoever. A car that will change the way you think about driving. That’s Nissan LEAF – a vehicle that has become loved across the world to the extent that is the best-selling electric car globally, with almost 200 000 owners and over 1 billion emission-free kilometres driven.

NORMAL CHARGING : Open Nissan LEAF’s charging port cover and insert the charging cable into the port. Choose from Immediate mode, which starts charging immediately, or Timer mode, which starts and stops charging at designated times, such as off-peak while you sleep, and takes as little as 8 hours.

QUICK CHARGING : Open the charging port cover, plug in the Quick Charging connector and press the start charging button. You can charge the battery up to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Power up your Nissan LEAF with the push-button start, and you’re greeted with the sound of progress. Take a look around, you’ll find high-tech features you’d expect from a vehicle this innovative; like the Nissan Navigation System, Rearview Monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, heated front and rear seats and a boot big enough to fit up to five pieces of luggage or two golf bags. All this while still fitting your friends in the back. All you need to do is settle in and get ready to drive tomorrow, today!


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